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The rapid developments taking place in medical science and technology make it a requirement to convey up to date information on pharmaceuticals which are in use and which have just recently been made available, to members of the health profession. The promotional activities which companies will be conducting in order to carry out these responsibilities must be in accordance with ethical standards and the information that is provided to health employees must be designed in the best way to help them give better services to their patients. This information must be objective, accurate, easily comprehended and in compliance with all laws that are in force.

In studies conducted in the world and in Turkey it has been proven that a major portion of doctors obtain information about pharmaceuticals through the promotional activities organized by the companies.

The pharmaceuticals promotion activities in our country are required to be conducted within the framework of the Ministry of Health’s Regulation on Human Medical Products Promotional Activities .

Also the IEIS has prepared and issued its İEİS Pharmaceuticals Promotion Principles and Guide on Relations with Health Members in 1990 to help members carry out their requirements concerning promotion more efficiently. When it is determined that the stated principles to which members must comply have been violated, depending on the decision of the Promotion Principles Supervision Committee, there are actions to be taken that go so far as banning from membership. The guide is revised according to changing conditions.