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General Secretariat

The Head Office is located in Istanbul. It has an office in Ankara, as well.

Turgut Tokgöz                           Secretary General                                       
Begüm Kazak Secretary General Assistant
Dilek Yılmaz Receptionist

Government and Academic Affairs 

Msc. Pharm. M. Vedat Eğilmez   Public and Academic Affairs Consultant

Ankara Office

The representative office in Ankara is regularly in touch with public authorities and serves as a valuable bridge between the industry and policy-makers. It also represents the association on various public platforms.

Msc. Pharm. Halil Tunç Köksal Deputy Secretary General                        
Msc. Pharm. Canan Kutsal Deputy Secretary General

Policies and Research

Policy making lies at the heart of the association’s advocacy efforts. The department supports such efforts by analyzing state drug policies at home and abroad. It gathers domestic and international health care and pharmaceutical data from various sources and puts together value-added analysis in the form of reports and presentations. 

Sedat Boz Manager
Aliye Burçin Bademci                  Assistant Manager                        

Regulations and Legal Affairs

Rules and regulations pertaining to areas such as Registration, Pricing, Reimbursement, Promotion, Intellectual Property Rights fall into the responsibility of this department. It’s activities include the supervision of various working groups as well as the production of position papers.

Aysu Özel                               Manager                                             
Gülce Uzunhasan Specialist

Corporate Communications

The department manages the relations with members, media and other stake holders through strategic communication. It is responsible of running the association’s website as well. 

Güneş Özdek                  Group Manager                             
Selin Güler Assistant Manager

Industrial Affairs

It is responsible for overseeing the relations with domestic and international affiliations of the association. The department also coordinates and supervises the activities of the Turkish Pharmaceutical Exporters Platform. Dealing with industrial topics such as EU harmonization, environment, social policy and employment, R&D also fall into the hands of this department.

Ferda Fındık Yakar  Group Manager
Yakup Efe Soysal                      Assistant Manager                                                  

Administrative and Financial Affairs

Financial Affairs is responsible for the cash management and purchasing activities. They also follow the developments with regards to taxation regulations.

Selçuk Dede                         Group Manager                                
Muhittin Yüksel Manager